. LED Obrazovky

LED Nuselsky Bridge

16 x 6 m to center
Směr do centra

LED Nuselsky Bridge

8,9 x 4,9 m from center
Směr z centra


led nuselský most
led nuselský most
led nuselský most
led nuselský most

Exclusive LED screens on the Nuselsky Bridge - the busiest part of the Prague highway, the place with the highest traffic exposure in the Czech Republic. The average time for crossing the Nuselsky Bridge is 2-3 minutes, and during rush hour, it is 5-7 minutes! Screen operating time is from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

On an area of 150 m2, no one can overlook you. You can also take advantage of several other large screen displays of 35 m2 in eight locations in Prague and two in Brno. Our network of large-format displays is continuously expanding.


Night Drivers

Nighttime transmission on the premium LED screen on the Nuselský Bridge.

  • City center direction traffic. 

  • Variable lengths and dates of campaigns. 

  • Transmission time from 10:01 p.m. - 5:59 a.m.


Two side prisms, located on both sides of the screen, add extra visibility to your spot.

These turn simultaneously with the display of your spot and thereby expand the view of your commercial spot by an additional 7 meters. Therefore, the total area will be 190 m2!



Commercial Spot Production Manual

Let us make your spot! We are professionals in the field and we will create a modern animation shot with a great marketing concept for you at an excellent price/performance ratio.

Would you like us to make your spot? What to do:

  1. Describe what you wish to communicate to the client regarding your product or service.
  2. Send us your vectorized logo (or other graphic element for us to use in the spot)
  3. Decide if you would like a video for 5,500 CZK for a spot that we product within 24 hours of submission of the concept or for
            3,800 CZK for spots that we produce within 3 days from submission of the concept.
  4. Send everything to: spoty@lednuselskymost.cz
  5. Within 48 hours of submission, we will send you a concept proposal.
  6. We will deliver the video to the LED display.
  7. We bill you.

Do you want to produce your own spot?

  1. Keep to the exact length of 5 or 10s.
  2. One spot promotes a single product or service.
  3. Add animation, not a live-action spot.
  4. Deliver a spot with the following parameters:
  • Definition: 624x240 pixels (16 x 6 m to center) or 880x462 pixels (8,9 x 4,9 m from center)
  • Aspect ratio: Square pixels
  • Frames per second: 25
  • Video format: AVI or MP4  H264 
  • Bitrates 8.000 constant

Are you going to be producing your own spot? Download the commercial production manual


Příklady zpracování spotu


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